Online Store Samples

We create your online store for you, and do not charge any ongoing monthly fees. Compare that with sites that charge $200 per month or more. You get a full-featured shopping experience at a fraction of the cost (you only have hosting and credit card processing fees). We'll even throw in the first year of hosting FREE.

We do the initial setup (including search engine submission) and can train you on how to run your store. We also provide customizations, including look and feel, custom features, and optionally product setup. All you have to do is ship your products (or have them drop-shipped), provide customer service, and track your sales.

Our Online Store features

  • Unlimited products and product categories! (no extra cost)
  • Unlimited product options (size, color, monogramming, etc.)
  • Unlimited product photos.
  • Business to Business and/or Business to Consumer sales.
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Sell virtual (electronic) downloadable products, books, or documents.
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Control multiple sales and discounts.
  • Allows unlimited customization, e.g. custom layouts for certain categories or products.
  • Customers can pay via Credit Card, Paypal, Google Checkout, Check, and Purchase Order.
  • You can calculate shipping costs for Fedex, UPS, USPS or in-store pickup.
  • PDF Order receipts.
  • RMA (return management).
  • You can automatically display new and featured products.
  • You can offer gift certificates.
  • Customers can review products, which increases sales.
  • Built-in News, Blogs, Forums, and Polls.
  • Add/Edit products easily, including options (size, color, etc.).
  • Custom pricing per customer / customer group on a per product basis.
  • SMS order notification (texting).
  • You can easily manage your customer email newsletter.
  • You can offer discount coupons by percent, or dollar off purchases over certain amounts.
  • You can offer quantity discounts.
  • You can offer free shipping if customers hit required spending limits.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Multiple languages, multiple currencies.
  • You can "impersonate" your customers to add products to their shopping cart for them, so all they have to do is checkout.
  • Live Chat available.
  • Quickbooks integration.
  • Google Adsense integration.

There are too many more features to mention. Contact us if there is something specific you are looking for.

Sample Stores

Here are some examples of online stores built by MicrosoftAccessPros.Net.

Business to Business Medical Supplies needed a way for their customers to purchase medical supplies. They wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to reorder the products they purchase the most. So, MicrosoftAccessPros.Net created custom order forms that each customer can use to select only the products they want on the form. Not only is this convenient for the customer, but it provides a personal touch that helps attract and retain customers.

This screenshot shows how customers can create, rename, delete or change the position of order forms.

This screenshot shows a custom order form. The customer enters a quantity and hits add to cart for any products he/she chooses.

Carol Dickson Creations needed a web site that allowed customers to select and purchase baskets, paintings, and notecards. Since the web site sells art, the site has to be as attractive as the baskets and paintings it sells.

This screenshot shows the listing of products for a given category.

This screenshot shows the product display.