Sample Desktop Applications

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Order Processing from Online Stores needed a way for employees in different states to view and enter orders from their online store. Microsoft Access with an Office 365 hosted Sharepoint 2010 is the perfect solution.

  • Orders placed on the web site are pulled into the application automatically — no time wasting and error prone re-keying
  • Phone and Purchase Orders are entered directly into the application. If a customer calls with a question, each employee has instant access to the information.
  • Orders are exported to QuickBooks on demand, again, avoiding re-keying and errors.
  • The application contains a built-in Sharepoint backup to a local Microsoft Access database — just in case.
  • Invoices, quotes, and receipts are generated at the press of a button. They can also be emailed to the customer just as easily.
  • Every employee has fast desktop access to all aspects of the application.

This image shows the product entry page. Prices are automatically shown based on quantity discounts.

The image to the right shows the Invoice generated by pressing a single button. You can't get much easier than that!

This image shows the form for reporting on orders or generating sales reports by customer, product, or month. The reports can be filtered on virtually any criteria, for instance, to see how a single product has sold each month for the last 3 years, or to find all the orders that have not been paid.

Ribbon Bar Screenshot

This image shows the Ribbon Bar for navigating through forms. This makes it easy to find exactly what you need.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Charge credit cards directly from your application. Credit cards can be processed through any Merchant Service Provider, and the responses can be stored directly in QuickBooks. Credit cards are encrypted using industry-standard 128-bit encryption for security.

Collect Measurements via Serial port

ASK Chemical, a filter manufactuer, needed a way to collect size and weight measurements from scales, calipers, rulers, or via user input. While few businesses need to read devices through serial ports, this application shows that Microsoft Access Pros can handle any request. And, Microsoft Access is perfect for storing the thousands of measurements collected for each part.

Sample Online Applications

Here are some examples of web sites built by MicrosoftAccessPros.Net. They range from sites designed for recording employee data via Blackberries and iPhones to Online Stores and Google Maps.

Customers update own information, or internal staff can

A company needed a way to track their customers, but also wanted a way for their customers to update their own information and purchase additional services. This screenshot shows some of the information available to staff, with collapsible panels used to maximize screen space.

Knight Janitorial

Knight Janitorial uses a MicrosoftAccessPros.Net application to record site inspections. Employees use their Blackberries or iPhones to enter the data at customer locations. The data is stored in an MS Access database for offline processing. Employees can also record their hours online, and later view their last four weeks of approved or rejected hours.

Home Healthcare Medical Supplies

Reliance Med Supply needed a way for home healthcare businesses to purchase medical supplies. They wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to reorder the products they purchase the most. So, MicrosoftAccessPros.Net created custom order forms that each customer can use to select only the products they want on the form. Not only is this convenient for the customer, but it provides a personal touch that helps attract and retain customers. It is also a great sales tool when demoing the web site to potential business customers.

Google Maps Integration

The City of Port St. Lucie, FL needed to maintain millions of dollars worth of trees and shrubs. Their maintenance department needed to know which trees and shrubs needed pruning or replacing, how to manage their watering systems, and where trees or shrubs are located throughout the city. Working with Masuen Consulting and using a Google Maps application, they are able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in watering costs and plant replacement costs, while increasing the attractiveness of their city. This application allows them to search for trees and shrubs, edit them from their mobile devices in the field, and import new planting areas with data gathered from a Trimble GPS.

US Hydrofoil Association Scoring

The US Hydrofoil Association needed a way for riders to score their competitive trick runs to prepare for competitions or just gauge personal progress. The USHA Scoring Application allows users to select each trick, based on their division. The application then scores the best 10 tricks and displays the results in a grid. Completed trick runs can be saved to html for emailing, or xml for use in a spreadsheet.

Royal Canin Lead Referral

Royal Canin uses this application to forward internal sales leads and track them to be sure salespeople contact the potential customers. Salespeople can look up the representatives for other territories on their mobile phones to contact them directly, or fill out a form with the lead information. This has increased sales significantly, and reduced both customer frustrations and salepeople frustrations because leads are no longer lost or dropped.